Day 66 Post 1 – A Letter to God

Dear God,

I know you can hear my every thought but I need your special blessings so that I can live to my fullest potential as you created me to. Please help me with the following:

Please help me give the boys more of the attention they deserve so they remember how much I love them.

Please help me keep my patience with the baby when she wakes numerous times during the night. She was a gift from you to us and it’s not fair to become frustrated with her.

Please help me cope with the fact that I am not exclusively breast feeding. I feel like a failure.

Thank you for my incredible husband and children. We may be occasionally penniless but we are far from broke.

Thank you for giving me the strength to start and operate my business, and for the clients who keep a roof over our heads.

Thank you for making me.



Day 8 Post 1

Let the work pile on!…

And please, God, give me three more arms to tackle it all!

While it’s easy to say I’m getting back to work, I am not a person who will bill clients when they only get 50% of my attention… Or 50% of my capabilities. For example, right now I’m typing slower than usual, and with more typos, because I’m typing one handed. How can I bill for time like this?

I want to be accountable and reach my goals, but at what point do I sit back, relax, hold my beautiful newborn and trust that God will provide what my family needs? When He has given me a fully operational body and mind, it feels lazy to expect Him and others to provide.