Day 32 Post 1

I apologize for my gripe sessions yesterday morning. I was obviously overtired and worn down. I ended up laying down with “N” at about six and falling alder until 930 when “D” woke up.

I must say… Being a self employed couple that works at home definitely has it’s perks where sleep is concerned.

Anyway… Hubby immediately saw that I was exhausted and told me to stay in bed. And I did… By accident… And slept til noon.

The sleep did a ton of good though because I had major ideas yesterday. I received an email from a wan in my industry telling me about an upcoming event. Essentially she sold the right to 100 people to pick her brain for $600. All 100 slots sold so she made $60,000 for six weeks of work.

I’ve decided to build our services to do what she’s doing.

I can do it. I will do it.


Day 8 Post 3

I was thinking about making a couple pages where I could list my goals all in one place, whether they be financial, thing, or personal, and then it occurred to me that there was a reason why I was splitting them out into categories like that…

Tony Robbins…

Years ago I was given a copy of Personal Power, a great audio book in which Tony discussed how to achieve your goals. Today I’ve decided to pull out my audio book and once again set goals for myself.

If you are interested in following Tony Robbins’ program yourself, click here to find out how to order your own copy.