Day 31 Post 2

I feel like a little kid who is having a temper tantrum. I want to kick and punch and scream and then cry myself to sleep. (All violence geared at pillows, mattresses and other inanimate objects)

I was able to put the baby down again and get 30 minutes of sleep in bed but then she was up and crying again. Why, oh why, am I the only one who can hear her crying when she’s in the same room as us? I even put her down on the bed next to “D” while she was crying and he didn’t stir.

So I put my clothes back on picked up the baby and, yes, stomped across the room. “D” must have heard the stomps because he woke up and asked if I was alright.

What am I going to say/do? Vent my frustrations on him and start his day horribly?

No… I’ll just sit down here feeling like a dragon breathing fire.


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