Day 8 Post 2

Some people, if not prepared, would probably take a look at my email inbox and its folders and gasp at the emails I have saved. While some have been saved for sentimental reasons (for example, the first emails my husband, “D”, and I exchanged after meeting through Craigslist), others have been saved due to my “Just in Case” reflex. Because of this I probably have thousands of saved emails. Yes, thousands.

Today, however, my email hoarding once again came in handy. I cancelled accounting/bookkeeping services with company “X” in March, after realizing that our company’s bookkeeping requirements aren’t any more complicated than the free work I can perform on Excel. While the services they offer may cater to the complicated, apparently the request to cancel such services is too complicated. Today, for the sixth time, I had to call my bank and dispute a charge from this service. For each of the six months since I cancelled my services (and kept the email), I have been charged, despite repeated calls to both the service provider and my bank. While I am not one to get upset over the little things, this is really beginning to piss me off especially since money is so tight right now.

While you may not like holding on to emails because they clutter up your inbox, I strongly recommend keeping cancellation confirmation emails such as the one I received from company “X”. My bank is customer friendly, however I have had to refer to this email for the cancellation confirmation number during each call so that they can include it in the dispute process. Without it I would have been unable to dispute any of these charges and would not have gotten my money back.


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