Day 6 Post 1

Despite the fact that today is a national holiday I’m looking at it more as my “Get Back to Work” day. My intention to work billable hours last week was good but unrealized, even though I was able to severely cut my Facebook/game time.  I intend to keep the same goals this week, however “N” has grown increasingly more demanding and fussy over the past few days, requiring more time with me and leaving me with only one arm/hand to work if I get even that. 

Hours and hours were spent this morning and early this afternoon with a fussy baby, and although not billable, I realized I needed to spend time cleaning out my email inbox. Nearly a month of emails had gotten backed up in my inboxes (both on PC and laptop) and I NEEDED to clean it out and organize whatever’s left. When I started earlier this afternoon I had 1072 emails in my (laptop’s) inbox.

Sigh… Baby crying again. Will write more when I don’t have to do a one-handed peck.


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