Day 1 Post 1

Good morning. Hmmm, I don’t know who I’m actually saying good morning to as this is my first post on this blog. Yes, I actually have other blogs, successful blogs, however in the interest of keeping my business and my family anonymous I decided to start a new one. So, ta da! Welcome!

You might be surprised to know that I am starting this with a newborn baby. Baby “N” is eight days old and is amazing in every single way. Just like her daddy and brothers, she makes my life just that much more awesome. She is actually one of my inspirations to begin this blog and accountability tool. I need to be in better control of my time, and stop wasting it so that I/we can achieve all of our life goals.

Before I go further, I want to mention that I am not at all materialistic. I don’t need a fancy house or car, designer clothes or accessories, or anything that will make people think I have a lot of money. Actually, I absolutely don’t want any of that crap. Yes, I said crap. To me, the sum of my life will be about the love I had for other people and the love those people had for me. With that said, however, I do still have goals I would like to achieve along my road of life.

The biggest goal right now is maintaining a positive balance in the bank account. I know that may not sound like a hard goal to achieve for some people, but for me and hubby “D” it’s extremely difficult. We both lived what felt like a complete lifetime with other people before we met each other three years ago. Due to circumstances in both our lives, both of our credit ratings are shitty, and between the two of us we have NO credit cards. That’s correct…  None, nada, zilch. We like it that way, however living without credit cards has its downfall, especially when self-employment income is reduced to ZERO due to the birth of a baby,

So, despite the fact that I have a sleeping newborn in my arms and my wireless keyboard on my lap, my first goal is to get back to work. I must admit that Candy Crushers on Facebook has recently captured my attention and steals way too much of my time. If I had gotten paid for the time I spent playing that game I would be rich. I need to severely cut my Candy Crushers game time out of my day.

The journey to greatness requires a first step, so I need to develop a game plan. I think tomorrow, to start, I will not play Candy Crushers during the day. Yes, I’m “on maternity leave” and spend a LOT of time in the recliner breastfeeding my daughter. BUT…  I also have three books (fiction and non-fiction) that I’ve started writing PLUS two blankets (one for each of my sons) that I would like to finish knitting this decade. In addition, I have client projects that, although they don’t have a deadline, I could be working on and billing my time for.

So, tomorrow’s goals:

  • No Candy Crushers between 9am and 5pm
  • Get all laundry folded and put away
  • Clean up kitchen (minimal work needed)
  • 4+ hours of billable time to clients
  • Pick up lost stitches on R’s blanket
  • 6+ rows knit on R’s blanket

I’ll update during the course of the day tomorrow with how I’m doing.


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