Day 3 Post 1 – Product Review – Milkies Milk Saver

One of my goals for these next couple months is to exclusively breastfeed baby “N”. Now 9 days old, this has already proven to be somewhat of a challenge as her demand has been higher than my supply. After finding out I was pregnant I joined an online group for moms expecting in August 2013. One of them mentioned the Milkies Milk Saver and out of curiosity I decided to take a look.

I’m glad I did.

Milkies Milk Saver


The Milk Saver is essentially a flexible “cup” with a nipple-sized hole in the back. You place the nipple of the breast you are not feeding with through this hole and pull your nursing bra back up over the Milk Saver and fasten shut. As you begin to nurse with your other breast, the breast in the Milk Saver will inevitably begin to leak. Rather than allowing this milk to be absorbed into a breast pad, the Milk Saver collects this milk, allowing you to store it for future bottle use.

During one feeding earlier today, my alternate breast leaked 1oz milk into the Milk Saver. Considering “N” is only eating 2-3oz per feeding, it’s awesome that I didn’t just lose this milk to a breast pad.


  • Conserves breast milk
  • I use washable breast pads, however for those using disposable this product is more environmentally friendly
  • Clear front allows you to see how much you’ve collected (or you can simply look down your shirt and into the Milk Saver)
  • Affordable – These saved ounces of breast milk will save you dollars and cents that you may have otherwise had to spend on formula


  • There is no top, so if you forget you’re wearing it and bend over, you will spill breast milk all over your shirt. I also think tops would allow for nighttime/bedtime wear.
  • While I said it is affordable, I think it would have been nice if they were sold in a pack of two. I am currently bidding on another on eBay because I would like to wear these, rather than breast pads, whenever I am awake.


  • Pregnant woman with gestational diabetes – You may be surprised to hear me say that pregnant women should use this, however my sister (who has diabetes) read an article right after “N” was born about the benefits of colostrum for the newborn babies of moms with gestational diabetes. Feeding your newborn colostrum will keep his/her blood sugar up and hopefully keep him/her out of the NICU.
  • Breastfeeding moms – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t let any of your valuable breast milk go to waste by collecting it with a Milk Saver!

Day 2 Post 1

It’s nearly 3:30pm and I am quite proud of my progress today. The kitchen is just about clean and the only laundry outstanding is that which is in the dryer and a basket of the boys clothes which they will put away when they get home from school. (At 7 and 10 years old, our boys are expected to perform certain chores in order to 1) Earn video game/TV time and 2) Earn allowance.) I’ve taken a shower – a feat for any mother of a newborn – and I’ve even started sorting the pile of mail I’ve been avoiding. Oh – and the hospital bag is finally unpacked even thought I thought I did that last week.

And my biggest accomplishment of the day? I’ve ignored Facebook since before 9am this morning, even though I spent most of 9am-12pm with a baby on the breast. Do I want to take a stab at my latest level of Candy Crushers? Yes! But I’m happy to see the progress around the house.

I’m not going to deny that being in a foul mood fueled my cleaning energy this morning. Hubby and I were amused during a conversation early in our relationship that we both clean when we’re angry. We’ve been together nearly three years and we have never fought, but in the wee hours of this morning I almost snapped on him. With a three a.m. feeding underway, he woke and asked me if I needed anything. Feeling as though “N” was using my breast as a pacifier, I asked “D” to get her pacifier from downstairs so we could all get back to sleep. Five minutes later he came back in an extremely bad mood. Dropping the f-bomb numerous times, he expressed his frustration with our cat and the fact that he has taken to stealing “N”‘s paci’s.  For some reason, however, this frustration was aimed at me, which was greatly unappreciated.

“D” and I share custody of the boys with their father 50-50, and he has them every Wednesday and Thursday night. Because we work at home, the boys no longer go to before or after school care and the ex drops them off here every morning around 7:30. Despite the fact that “D” has asked me to get him up by 8am, this morning I chose not to. My frustration with being vented at left him undisturbed in bed until nearly 1pm, when I carried a basket of our clothes upstairs (another lash at him because I’m not supposed to be carrying anything heavier than the baby right now). In the end, however, we talked it out, “D” expressed his sincere appreciation for the work I do and have done this morning, and he apologized for venting his cat frustrations at me.

i can’t tell you how invaluable apologies are to me. Knowing when to admit our faults and mistakes and apologize for the latter is far more valuable than being perfect all the time.

Wow…  I’m rambling…

To continue on with today’s goals, here’s the updated list:

  • No Candy Crushers between 9am and 9pm (5pm will be a breeze, I’m extending a bit)
  • Fold and put away last load of laundry
  • Finish cleaning kitchen
  • 4+ hours of billable time to clients
  • Pick up lost stitches on R’s blanket
  • 6+ rows knit on R’s blanket
  • Start tracking glasses of water drank – and drink more! (Important for breastfeeding)
  • Order pictures on Shutterfly

Tomorrow’s Goals

  • No Candy Crushers between 9am and 9pm
  • 4+ hours of billable time to clients
  • 6+ rows knit on R’s blanket
  • Continue cleaning out mail pile
  • Work on “D”‘s company website

Day 1 Post 1

Good morning. Hmmm, I don’t know who I’m actually saying good morning to as this is my first post on this blog. Yes, I actually have other blogs, successful blogs, however in the interest of keeping my business and my family anonymous I decided to start a new one. So, ta da! Welcome!

You might be surprised to know that I am starting this with a newborn baby. Baby “N” is eight days old and is amazing in every single way. Just like her daddy and brothers, she makes my life just that much more awesome. She is actually one of my inspirations to begin this blog and accountability tool. I need to be in better control of my time, and stop wasting it so that I/we can achieve all of our life goals.

Before I go further, I want to mention that I am not at all materialistic. I don’t need a fancy house or car, designer clothes or accessories, or anything that will make people think I have a lot of money. Actually, I absolutely don’t want any of that crap. Yes, I said crap. To me, the sum of my life will be about the love I had for other people and the love those people had for me. With that said, however, I do still have goals I would like to achieve along my road of life.

The biggest goal right now is maintaining a positive balance in the bank account. I know that may not sound like a hard goal to achieve for some people, but for me and hubby “D” it’s extremely difficult. We both lived what felt like a complete lifetime with other people before we met each other three years ago. Due to circumstances in both our lives, both of our credit ratings are shitty, and between the two of us we have NO credit cards. That’s correct…  None, nada, zilch. We like it that way, however living without credit cards has its downfall, especially when self-employment income is reduced to ZERO due to the birth of a baby,

So, despite the fact that I have a sleeping newborn in my arms and my wireless keyboard on my lap, my first goal is to get back to work. I must admit that Candy Crushers on Facebook has recently captured my attention and steals way too much of my time. If I had gotten paid for the time I spent playing that game I would be rich. I need to severely cut my Candy Crushers game time out of my day.

The journey to greatness requires a first step, so I need to develop a game plan. I think tomorrow, to start, I will not play Candy Crushers during the day. Yes, I’m “on maternity leave” and spend a LOT of time in the recliner breastfeeding my daughter. BUT…  I also have three books (fiction and non-fiction) that I’ve started writing PLUS two blankets (one for each of my sons) that I would like to finish knitting this decade. In addition, I have client projects that, although they don’t have a deadline, I could be working on and billing my time for.

So, tomorrow’s goals:

  • No Candy Crushers between 9am and 5pm
  • Get all laundry folded and put away
  • Clean up kitchen (minimal work needed)
  • 4+ hours of billable time to clients
  • Pick up lost stitches on R’s blanket
  • 6+ rows knit on R’s blanket

I’ll update during the course of the day tomorrow with how I’m doing.